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I think you heard me wrong
I hear your eyes
I think it came out wrong
A pillow of lies
Oh baby please,
oh my heart’s on the pavement
Where we’re building you and me
Don’t cry that way…


Haley Bonar: Impossible Dream

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I had the pleasure to discover the music of Haley Bonar when I went to see Night Moves who were opening for her. I haven’t really listened to much of her previous albums but
Impossible Dream really captivated me. I think if you’re fan of Alternative/indie rock with some folk influence you may enjoy it. It’s like some late 90s/00’s alternative indie rock. Speaking strictly on this album, Her music has a nostalgic and reflective mood with songs like “Hometown” and “I can change”. For me, it’s the perfect album to drive to.
Anyway Indie rock fans, do give it a listen. Here’s a list of my favorite songs from the album.

The opening song, “Hometown” on the album is one my favorites. It has a nostalgic and almost dream pop/shoegazing melody. It fits perfectly with the lyrics which seem to be a reflection on leaving or perhaps escaping your hometown where things stay the same. She sings:
“All grown up, saving up for my exit
Let it burn in the rearview mirror
The folks I know will all go
On their way to staying the same”
You know the old story of leaving your small hometown to be somebody… that seem to be in the theme. Yet she seems to miss or not be able to leave a part of her hometown as
she sings:
“Further I go, the deeper my regrets.
Hometown goes wherever you go…”

“Your mom is right” has this moving bass line that sounds like an old
rock n roll song. It seem to be about someone who is troubled and about to do wrong, despite their mother possible telling them what was right.
She sings:
“Your mom is right about something
Your father’s not gonna say a thing
Where you gonna go when it all goes down?
What you gonna do when it all goes down?
Where you gonna go when you done wrong?”

“Kismet Kill” has kind of garage rock n roll feel to it with a fast distorted guitars rhythm wth lyrics on a love relationship that doesn’t live up to her romantic dreams. She sings on the chorus :
“You ain’t no Romeo
Not my first rodeo and now
We’re the kids who got kids at parties
I was impossible when I was beautiful and now
Cartoon deaths just don’t seem so funny”

“I Can Change” is one of my favorite on the album. The lyrics suggest that she wants to be able to change and perhaps is learning to be comfortable with being herself and not following the crowd.
“What if I were kind enough to love her
Instead of building walls around her?
I could be so happy if I let myself be happy
But I’m too busy behaving for a crowd
Thinking ‘I can change I can change I can change…”

“Jealous girls” is slow moving track with lyrics describing the of behavior girls when jealousy come about in their relationship.
She sings:
“Jealous girls don’t have no fun
Unless they’re sure they’re the only one
And they kick themselves when they’re all alone
Imagine you’ve run off, over-check their phone
And they paint themselves a new shade of red
And they burn the sheets while you rest your head”