Music Categories

List of categories for music on my blog.
Instead of going by genre, I decided to go by mood and feelings.

Music Reviews
This is where you can find my short written reviews.
It can be relaxing and easy to listen to sometimes. It probably won’t break you down into tears, but it won’t make you shout with happiness. You may find the songs here bring feelings of nostalgia though. You also cans sometimes kind of dance to them,

Coming Down
All the music in this categories embodies the emotion you have when the parties over, in the late night, and when you’re all alone. It also includes heartbreaking songs over heartbreak and all the nuisances in life. These songs may also induce feelings of nostalgia.

Get on up!
The category is filled with music you can move too. It can be loud and maybe a bit obnoxious. It makes you want to dance, fight or take action. Caution songs in this category may turn wherever you are into a dance club or perhaps start a brawl.

Happy Upbeaty Positivity
This music generally gives you a good feeling. It may also influence you to have a positive outlook in life, to desire love and love more.

How I’m Feeling Today?
This is the random song of the day that captures my mood, feelings and thoughts. It basically sums up how i’m feeling today.

New Music
Because I post a lot of old music, You can come here to only see new music. Everything categorized as new will be music released no earlier than one year from the posting date. Sorry I don’t post new music as soon as it’s out or as often as some blogs. Actually I’m not really sorry.

The name says it all. It could also be called “Trance, House, Techno” This is that music with that consistent “thump thump thump” bass. It can cause you to feel all types of emotions but regardless it’s hard not to dance or at least nod your head to it.


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