All The Way Down

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“When it’s good, I’m questioning you.
Then I start to take it in
Is my head in the way?
Cause my heart can’t explain”

A favorite from Kelela’s new EP, Hallucinogen.


Positivity? Where ya at?

Happy Upbeaty Positivity

When’s the last time a bunch of popular rappers got together and put out a song together? A positive song for the community? Yeah I can’t remember either.

You barely here any song on the Radio with a message relevant to what’s going on in the world. But back in the early days of hip hop, It was more than common. Despite there being beef, they still could get something done.  They at least tried.

Nowadays, rappers too busy being fake and beefing with each other about who has ghostwriters. Who cares? just get your ghostwriters to write something actually relevant to society.

You think Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole would put their differences and put something out. Pop stars like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars could do something to…. (and if they put a cool dance to it will definitely be catchy with the youth and white people. for example, see “Nae Nae” and “kwon” song.)

Also now would be the a good time for the an Israeli (or jewish) and Palestinian ( or just muslim) to put out a song for non-violent solutions and anti-terrosim.

Hopefully some young musicians will feel this role that’s been empty during this era of music.