Beauty Behind The Madness: Let Me Be Honest (This album will probably grow on me)

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There’s Beauty Behind The Madness

First you should know, I listen to leaks. If it leaks early, I’m going to download it. If most of the album sucks, I’m not going to being buy it.
However if your album is mind-blowing amazing or just even decent,
I’ll support you to the fullest. I’ll buy CDs, Vinyl, T-shirts, concert tickets…
you’ll get my whole paycheck and more.

Yeah Yeah that’s bad for artists. Yeah Yeah that’s bad for the business.
Well, I’m an artist too. I’m suffering with you.

The point of me saying this is because I just listened to
Beauty Behind The Madness (it leaked obviously) and it sucks.

Ok, It doesn’t suck. It’s a really good pop album. It’s just not what I wanted or expected from The Weeknd.

Take a listen to the samples.

You can also read his interview about him transitioning into a Pop star here (in a way selling out)

I guess the best way I can explain it is it’s like that time, KISS (you know that classic rock band), made a disco album (Some of those disco songs were good though). It’s just not I want from the The Weeknd. I don’t go for the The Weeknd for POP, but he gives me pop. (there’s a enough pop artists in the world). I’m not a crazy about pop. I need more punk/new wave/alternative rock influence…

I was counting on you to deliver this to me…

So maybe it doesn’t suck that much but it’s very disappointing to anyone who has been following since before House of Balloons became part of Trilogy, before there was a face and a name, before the hair grew to ridiculous heights, back when The Knowing was the only song that had a music video, and fans of the slightly dark production and 8 minute oddly structured 2 part songs.

If you love POP, This album will be a hit to you. You will praise it and add it to your favorite albums of all time.

I have to vent because I love THE WEEKND (he’s gotten my whole paycheck and more) and I want him to get back to being more innovative and original. For BEAUTY BEHIND THE MADNESS, It’s basically the same drugged out, one night standish, lonely, The Weeknd lyrics put to slightly unoriginal POP music production. 

The Weeknd lyrics have always been the weak link in his music. I always thought the brilliant production from Illangelo and Doc Mckinney always added depth to lyrics that can be slightly shallow. Even though Illangelo helped with BBTM, It’s not enough.

Half of it sounds like the same radio pop (infused with trap and edm, you know it’s all the craze right now) For example, listen to Can’t Feel My Face and Losers.

The other half sounds like a throwback to pop 80s music. Michael Jackson is great, but I wish he would stop with trying to mimic him and stay with his own style. For example, listen to “In the Night” and “As You Are”.

You know how Abel Tesfaye use to try to write pop songs to sell to pop artists and those demos before he became The Weeknd? “As You Are” sound like it could be one of them to me. It also sounds like it could be a Michael Jackson or some 80s R&B/pop song. It’s basically about him taking a unfaithful girl with scars and saying he will take her as she is, and that she should take him as he is even though he will also end up breaking her heart. The outro of the song where the beat changes is the best part.

The production on “Angel” almost sounds like an 80’s power ballad. The female vocals (by an upcoming/unknown artist named Maty Noyes) give it kind of an eery feeling. He croons about how he hopes that the girl he’s letting go finds somebody to truly love her. It’s a decent track.

Prisoner” is one of the tracks that feels closer to Kissland or Trilogy. It also features Lana Del Rey. It’s of course about being addicted to their crazy non-committing lifestyle.

“Shameless” is one of the tracks that’s just really well done. His vocals are just great and powerful. The production is minimal and moving. It’s just the Weeknd singing along with a guitar about how he’s not ashamed to always be there for this girl. I think it’s my favorite track from the pop artist, The Weeknd.

Tell You Friends” has the groovy R&B beat (brilliant production by Kanye West as usual). They lyrics are funny. In a way, It’s the sort of clever bragging lyrics such as with the “Kissland” song. He sings “I’m that nigga with the hair, singing about popping pills, fucking bitches, living life so trill

Dear Abel, your pop radio album is nice, but please be a bit more experimental next time. The transitioning or flow from the theme and production of one track to the next track still doesn’t feel up to par with trilogy either.  With that being said, This album will grow on me and be one of my favorite pop albums of the year. This is not what I wanted from you though.

I’m just hoping this pop radio thing is just a phase and necessary for him to truly deliver something very innovative and experimental again like House of Balloons.

Again this album is only disappointing, if you don’t like pop.


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