Fast Food

Get on up!, New Music

D.I.D. (f.k.a. Dog is Dead) is amazingly consistent at creating indie rock songs with catchy hooks and melodies. The fact their a five piece band where often all the members (who all have great voices) join in on singing and harmonizing the choruses is amazing in itself. It’s always made them stand out amongst the many British indie rock bands to me.

They deliver another catchy song with their new single, Fast Food, which isn’t actually about fast food of course.

The song seems to be reflecting on a relationship that’s going nowhere. They’re just fooling around, and it’s not getting serious which seems to be problem.

The chorus goes along the lines of….
“All we do is eat fast food.
All we do is fool around
What we do means nothing…

…And if i let you down,
I can keep up head up.”

It’s undeniably catchy and has me looking forward to new music from them. If you’re a fan of indie rock that isn’t too dark and has a bit of pop to it, You should check them out. They’re one of my favorite bands.


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