Boots – Dust

Chill, Coming Down

So when I first heard Boots at the FKA twigs concert, I had no idea who he was. From the chatter that was going on throughout their set, I’m going to assume the audience obviously weren’t too familiar either. If we did know anything about Boots, we might have gave him a bit more of our attention that night at the L.A. Regent Theater.

Boots came across as an alternative/heavy rock band, and they were a band with live heavy distorted guitars at the show. However, Boots is not really a band. Boots is a producer whose real name is Jordan Asher. He was a producer on Beyonce’s latest album. His mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall, is more hip hop/r&B than rock.
Unfortunately, His opening set came across differently than his actually recorded music. Not bad just different. For an audience looking forward to more subtle electronic/R&B style music from FKA twigs, it was too harsh. With that being said, Shame on you, Boots, for deceiving me with your opening act. Bravo Boots for producing some really good music and a good mixtape.


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