Bjork: Vulnicura

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Have you listened to Bjork’s new album, Vulnicura?

I highly recommend taking a listen. Arca, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers, worked with her on this album. If you listen to Arca’s and Bjork’s work before, It would seem that the two would mix well together and they do.  Although I enjoy her music, I haven’t listened to enough of her work to give a thorough review. Something I regret not doing earlier, since I’ve truly been missing out.

I must say that this album gives a very honest look into the ending of a relationship and it’s aftermath. On one of my favorite tracks, Lionsong, she sings “Maybe he will come out of this loving me” It’s beautiful song over whether her lover will leave or stay. She’s no longer bothered by either outcome just wanting to know. Overall, the content on the album is over heartbreak. It’s put together with some beautiful string arrangements featured on many of the songs. If you’re familiar with Arca, You may hear his influence best on Notget, and Family which has a darker and slightly distorted production which suits the lyrics. I don’t know where Vulnicura stands compared to her album, but I enjoy it.  What do you think?

Since I can’t find any full clips of songs from her new album, I’m going to leave you with this classic.


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