The Best Of 2014: FKA twigs

Chill, Coming Down, Get on up!

FKA twigs has been having a phenomenal year with her debut album, LP1, topping most critics’ end of the year lists. At the end of November, I attended FKA twigs concert at the Regent Theater in downtown L.A. It was the best event I attended this year.

Clips of FKA twigs performing Preface, Lights On, Give Up, Pendulum, and Papi Pacify.

The whole set list included: Preface, Ache, Lights On, Give Up, Water Me, Pendulum, Numbers, Hide, Video Girl, Kicks, Papi Pacify, Two Weeks and How’s That.

With her music being so electronic and filled with voice effects, You wouldn’t think it would translate to stage so seamlessly. She and her bandmates are able to bring all the songs to life on stage regardless. The venue was kind of small and the acoustics weren’t the greatest. The opening band was a heavy rock/electronic band, Boots. Even though they’re a decent band, They didn’t suit the musical taste of the audience and couldn’t capture their attention sadly.

FKA twigs had everyone right away and soothed the crowd that had grown anxious waiting. Her voice was powerful, and her dancing was captivating. I loved how her movements to “Water Me” where she would literally shrink down and grow up like a flower. She also would incorporate one of the band  members who was playing guitar into her performance for “Video Girl.” It was also amazing when she stopped halfway through “Pendulum” to start over.  She wasn’t able to hear it though the earpiece and wanted to sound her best since it’s her favorite. I honestly didn’t notice any problem with the first version. She sounded really great either way. It does show how sincere and dedicated she is as an artist.  With such lovely live performances, music videos and songs, I think it’s safe to say that FKA twigs is going to be with us for awhile. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Here’s video of a live performance she did for KEXP.


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