Chill, Coming Down

Get familiar with the group, Vaults, if you haven’t already. Their music is essentially pop, but with a dark and eerie atmosphere. Their music is hauntingly beautiful. I haven’t found a bad song by them. With such moving lyrics, powerful vocals and production, I’m very excited to see where and what this group does in the future.

They have a new song coming out soon on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, but first check out their EP Vultures.

Oscar – Daffodil Days

Get on up!, Happy Upbeaty Positivity, New Music

I stumbled across this new song, Daffodil Days by Oscar. It’s a delightful upbeat indie rock/pop song.

The singer, Oscar, has a lovely baritone voice that made want to check out his other music. His EP, 146b, which he released earlier last year contains cheerful guitar melodies and catchy hooks.