Coming Down, Happy Upbeaty Positivity, How Am I Feeling Today?

How do I feel today?
The end of the year is a common time for people to reflect on all the good and bad things that have happened during the year.

This year has been stressful for me, because I’ve been unemployed and felt a lack of purpose in life. It’s not a problem that should be dismissed, but it could be way worse. I didn’t lose anyone this year, I’m healthy and I have the support of my family. You always think or hear of common misfortunes like those happening.
However, It was going through a slew of apocalyptic themed movies and video games ( for example I’ve been playing this zombie survival game, The Last Of Us) that I realized how blessed I am. A bit of a silly way to realize, but how lucky are we to not be living in that kind of world? (at least not yet anyway. you never know) Or the fact that we were born into modern world where for the most part, slavery is outlawed and it’s easier to get healthcare? I understand that they’re still people who are living in horrible and even war-like apocalyptic conditions. I don’t know what the future brings, but so far I haven’t had to live like that.
This is why I feel blessed…

“Stay blessed my nigga, blessed my nigga
Really think about it, could be worse my nigga
Don’t stress my nigga, yes, my nigga
We all blessed my nigga…

And you ain’t gotta shed no tear
I’ll be everywhere and I’mma always be right here
I ain’t forgot those years
I’ll be everywhere but I’mma always be right here”


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