Miguel – NWA.Hollywooddreams.Coffee

Chill, New Music

Miguel surprised the world with a new EP featuring 3 new songs. It’s the latest music from him since his album Kaleidoscope Dream. It may also be glimpse into the next album he’s working on.

The first song “NWA” features rapper Kurupt. It’s a downtempo, mellow track. It has a driving drum pattern accompanied with a few guitar chords. The title fits the subject of the song. Miguel sings about a girl who wants a “nigga with attitude (N.W.A).” She just wants to have fun, nothing serious. Kurupt comes in reassuring that he’s that type and can give her what she wants.

Hollywood Dreams” has a moving heavy guitar melody. The production is similar to some songs on the Art Dealer EP which have a rock influence. It sounds like it’s filled with hope at times. He sings “We could be better than heroes. We can fly higher than spaceships.” Yet, There’s something broken and sad about the lyrics. He describes a girl who may have been looking for salvation in hollywood and fame. “Could you ever find the magic man? He could make it all happen. Lost Hollywood Dreams” He sings.

Coffee” is the love song of the EP. “I wish I could paint our love. These moments and vibrant hues.” He sings. It’s simply a beautiful song describing the couple’s relationship with clever wordplay and a catchy hook. He sings “Wordplay, turns in to gun play and gun play turns into pillow talk Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams. Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning” Only problem with this song is in the way it ends. It just suddenly cuts off.

Overall, The three songs are enjoyable. Not on par with his singles from the Art Dealer EP, but still enjoyable for fans of that EP.


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