Corbin (Spooky Black) – Worn

Coming Down, New Music

The minnesotan singer, Spooky Black now going by his first name Corbin, released a new song. He stood out this year with the song “Without you” . He’s also a part of the minnesotan group, The Stand4rd, who are sort of experimental hip hop/r&b. The track was produced by Shlohmo, D33J and two members of The Stand4rd (Bobby Raps & Pysmun) I think Corbin and The Stand4rd have a lot potential which is why I wanted to review his new song.

The song starts off like most of his music with a slow tempo. His voice has more of a harshness or a slight anger to it compared to Without You which is more smooth and calming than this. The beat picks up and he comes back in even more aggressive. The guitar riffs in the track really bring more energy into the track. Overall it still sounds similar to some of his songs on his Leaving EP. It’s not bad but it’s nothing that special to me.

You can listen to more of his music here

If you’re liking what you hear, follow him on twitter too.


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